Around the World in 80 Drinks: Drink 3 – Sicilian Sunset


Epcot.  We love it.  And it’s certainly a given we’ll end up there a lot in this series, but we will only have one stop at Via Napoli.  Which brings us Drink 3,  the “Sicilian Sunset.”


A combination of vodka, Orangecello, orange and pineapple juices over shaved ice, this cocktail reminds us of  that childhood treat the “snow cone.”   (Though this one is definitely not for kids.)

Via Napoli’s version of the Lemon Drop also comes in the same frosty format.

Lemon Drop

The presentation of these are fun, and they’re tasty too.   But, at $12.00 a pop, they aren’t exactly cheap.  However, this is Disney World, and we’ve seen worse.  (If you’re a Tables in Wonderland member, put that card to good use here as they accept it.)

Via Napoli is our favorite option for pizza at WDW.  There’s lots of variety in available toppings, some delicious specialty pies, and even though there may be a little sticker shock from seeing a $41.00 pizza on the menu, when you realize that pizza will feed you and three or four of your family/closest friends, it’s really not a bad deal at all.   Lots of great desserts here too, as well as dessert cocktails. We like the  Tiramisu and Cannoli martinis best.

Drink 4 is taking us…well, somewhere.  Haven’t decided where exactly yet, but we’ll all know soon.

Check out our Around the World in 80 Drinks map where we’ll be tracking all the drinks and locations throughout this series!  


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