Coming Soon

Globe Cursive

This Wednesday we’re beginning a new series which will feature 80 drinks from 80 different locations on property.  (If there was ever any doubt that there were 80 different locations to grab a cocktail from on property, we can assure you, there most definitely are…and then some.)

Which drinks or where they’ll all come from, we honestly don’t know yet.  But each drink and location will definitely be different.  They will also be drinks that are available year round.  No “limited editions” in this series.

While the drinks will of course be the focus,  what accompanies them will vary – reviews, recipes, stories, suggested pairings – because honestly, we’re making it up as we go along.  We just wanted to get some new cocktails and locations incorporated into the blog, as well as revisit and highlight some old  favorites.

There will also be a giveaway associated with this series which will start on the blog’s two-year anniversary, November 11th.  (Or shortly thereafter as the case may be.)  So stay tuned!


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