Trader Sam’s Coming to Disney’s Polynesian Resort ?

Trader Sam

A few months ago, it seemed that an East Coast version of  the popular Disneyland Resort’s Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar was to be a part of Disney Springs, the currently pending overhaul of Downtown Disney.   But we were recently alerted via a post on our Facebook by the folks at The Atomic Grog that Trader Sam’s might not become a part of Disney Springs after all, but instead would find its home at a revamped Disney’s Polynesian Resort!

On July 22nd, the long running Disney’s Polynesian Resort fan site, Tikiman Pages, ran a post about what changes are coming to the resort, including the location of new DVC rooms, the possible removal of the waterfall in the Great Ceremonial House, and … the addition of Trader Sam’s!    Adding Trader Sam’s to the Polynesian sounds like a great idea to us, because while we enjoy the Tambu Lounge (and love their Pina Coladas), its open location and function of serving as a waiting area for those going to ‘Ohana don’t make for the most relaxing of lounge destinations.  It would definitely be nice to have another lounge option available at the resort.

So, is Trader Sam’s really coming to Walt Disney World? And if so, where will it go?  Disney Springs or Disney’s Polynesian Resort? Only time will tell.  But no matter where it ends up, we’re sure it will be a popular destination.


4 thoughts on “Trader Sam’s Coming to Disney’s Polynesian Resort ?

  1. I would be in to seeing a Trader Sam’s at the Polynesian, but I hope it if happens, it’s in its own space, like an outbuilding next to the new DVC wing or something. I don’t want a pared-down Trader Sam’s shoehorned in to the fishbowl that is the Great Ceremonial House. We already have the Tambu Lounge for that.

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