Cove Bar Specialty Drinks

We had a couple friends visiting the Disneyland Resort this past week, and they’ve been kind enough to supply us with pics of some of the cocktails they encountered.   So how about a specialty drink from the Cove Bar at Disney’s California Adventure Park? (Not to be confused with the Cove Bar at the Contemporary Resort.  Did Disney run out of bar names?)

Wait, let’s make it a double.

Cove Bar Special

The Sideshow Novel-Tea (bottom left) is a tea vodka and iced tea-based drink which would certainly make for a refreshing option on a hot summer afternoon.  The Midway Martini (top left) mixes cranberry and apple to create a “cranapple” martini, with an added ginger liqueur twist.

Wouldn’t mind seeing either of these show up at OUR Cove Bar as an option, how about you?


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