Dark Side or The Force? Choose Wisely

Disney’s Hollywood Studios just wrapped up its second Star Wars Weekend for 2013, and we had a chance to stop by and try the new specialty drinks being offered for the event, The Force and the Dark Side.   The signs say “Choose Your Side”  – but we chose both of course.


So which one should you choose?  Well, that depends on your tastes.

The Wildberry Lemonade and Chambord combination in The Force make for a very fruity, sweet drink. If you are not a fan of that type of drink, this is not the drink you’re looking for.

The Pomegranate Lemonade of the Dark Side gives it more of that traditional lemonade pucker, and it mixes well with the accompanying Cointreau and Coconut Rum.  This one is also fairly sweet, but the tartness helps create a better balance.

Note that each drink also comes with about an ounce or so of the other’s lemonade in a squeezable tube so you can add that to the cocktail to mix it up a little, but the limited quantity didn’t seem to change the overall taste of the drinks.

The Force and the Dark Side will be available through Star Wars Weekends which end on June 9th.  You can find them at High Octane Refreshments and various pop-up stands throughout the park.


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