Great Places to Grab a Beer at Walt Disney World


It’s National Beer Day and what better way to celebrate than with a frosty pint?!   Whether your travels ever find you at Walt Disney World on this “holiday” or you’re just looking to enjoy a nice cold one, here are some best bets on property.

Parks Pick – Epcot:

World Showcase offers at least one beer at every country it contains, which gives you a lot of options as well as a chance to sample beers from other countries.  We especially enjoy stopping by the United Kingdom’s Rose and Crown Pub for beer and pub grub,  Germany’s Biergarten for lunch, a few German folk songs and the biggest beers you can get in the World, and Canada’s Le Cellier for Unibroue beer, which are some of our favorite beers in all the parks.

Bonus: During events like the Food and Wine Festival, and now the Flower and Garden Festival which has added its own food and beverage options, the various booths bring even more variety and will allow you to try something not normally offered at the park.

Lounge Pick – Crew’s Cup at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort:

Most of the Disney lounges carry the same beers with a few minor variations, but the Crew’s Cup lounge has a little extra variety.  A relaxing, fairly quiet spot for good conversation during the day, it can get busy with those waiting for reservations at the neighboring restaurant at night.  You should be able to find something to please everyone here, and it also offers up a small dining menu (as opposed to the other lounges on property which generally just have a few appetizers) so you have the option to grab a meal as well.

Restaurant Pick – Raglan Road and ESPN Club:

Two in this category because it really depends on what atmosphere you want, but both restaurants have a pretty extensive beer menu.

If you’re looking to “have a pint at the pub” then Raglan Road at Downtown Disney is your best bet.   Great food with some good beers on tap, as well as some excellent bottle choices.  They also offer a “build your own” beer flight which will allow you to have a little of all your favorites without breaking the bank.

Sports fans would be better served by a visit to the ESPN Club which also has a nicely varied beer menu, as well as screens galore for watching the big game.

Pool Bar Pick –  Muddy Rivers at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside:

This one will definitely be open to debate because like the Disney resort lounges, the Disney resort pool bars generally serve the same beers with some minor variations, usually picked to fit the resort’s theming.   So variety wasn’t really a factor here, but theming is.  Muddy Rivers has a feel to it that just fits that “back porch, cold beer on a hot summer’s day” ideal.  It’s also secluded from the other areas of the resort on an “island” which adds to the relaxation element.

Honorable mention: While technically not a Disney resort, the Cabana Bar and Beach Club at the Walt Disney World Dolphin resort  has the best beer selection of all pool bars on property.

While we’re happy to grab a pint at just about anyplace in the World, those are a few of our favorites, and as you can see, variety is a big factor for us.  What about you?


7 thoughts on “Great Places to Grab a Beer at Walt Disney World

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    • If we’re “rumming it” we are often at the Dawa Bar.

      This wasn’t to say there aren’t other good places to have a beer, just that especially for variety, these are probably your best bets.

  2. Love the post! But from a Yorkshire perspective that Bass looks awful, should have a good frothy top like the Boddy’s. Thats how we drink it in Yorkshire though, not like those wimps in the south/London who dont know a good beer when it jumps up and bites them on the nose!

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