Trader Sam’s Coming to Pleasure Island?

Trader Sam

Interesting post over at the Save Pleasure Island blog today shows several logos (by way of the folks at WDW Magic ) for possible venues coming to Disney’s currently planned re-imagineering of the Downtown Disney area, Disney Springs.   While many of the concepts are considered “tentative,”  two logos stand out amongst the rest as  potential replacements for some of the nightlife lost in the area since the demise of Pleasure Island.

The first was a logo for a nightclub out of Los Angeles called “The Edison,” which it would seem might find an East Coast home in the old abandoned Mannequin’s Dance Palace.   You can check out more of the possible concept for that on the LA club’s website.

The second was the logo for Trader Sam’s, a popular bar that currently has a location at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.  While not quite a replacement for the much-loved Adventurers Club, Trader Sam’s does embody some of the spirit of the club, not to mention some of its former decor.  (One has to wonder if this is meant to be somewhat of a “consolation prize” for those who were fans of the club and really had hoped for its eventual return.)   Would the new Trader Sam’s actually go IN the former home of the Adventurers Club?  Well, the current Trader Sam’s venue is much smaller than that of the former Adventurers Club, and if they plan to stick with much of the same concept for it,  it would seem unlikely.    But only time will tell.

Again, these are both shown as “possible” concepts, and as we all learned from Hyperion Wharf, nothing is definite when it comes to Disney.  But,  it sure would be nice to see some new nightlife on Pleasure Island…even if it’s no longer known by that name.


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