12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 11

The 11th Drink of Christmas is the Sultan’s Colada from the Morocco Beverage Cart at Epcot.

Sultan's Colada

We don’t usually buy drinks out of machines from Walt Disney World as we find them overpriced for the quality.   But we thought we’d give the Sultan’s Colada a try because while the pineapple/coconut mix comes out of a machine,  the rum and almond liqueur are hand-poured, and as a pina colada fan, this seemed like it might be an interesting twist on an old favorite.  The drink comes as shown above, with the rum and almond liqueur welled at the bottom, so you need to mix it up.

We were surprised to find that there was very little taste to this drink.  We could taste the almond liqueur a little bit, but the pineapple and coconut flavors oddly didn’t come through at all.   (It’s worth noting that the mix actually had several large ice chunks in it, so it is possible the machine was having issues and had just not mixed it well, but don’t plan to spend the money to get another one to find out.)   After taking a few sips of it, we both decided it was so bland that neither of us wanted to finish it so we actually threw it out.   Even the Caramel Apple Margarita from last year did not suffer that fate!

Tomorrow is our final drink of Christmas, found at one of our favorite hotel lounges at Walt Disney World.


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