12 Drinks of Christmas 2012 – Drink 9

We wrap up our stop at Splitsville with one of their “bowl” drinks, the Koolaide Bowl.


This drink is a fruity, rum-filled concoction of Bacardi O, Razz, Limon and Dragonberry, mixed with pineapple, cranberry, and orange juices, served in a heavy goblet, or “bowl” as the name implies.  It is also available in a souvenir squeeze bottle that is shaped like a bowling pin (and which we unfortunately did not get a picture of) for $5.00 more.  (The bowl drinks served at Splitsville run $14.00.)

With a name like Koolaide Bowl and all that fruit juice, you can guess that this drink is going to be pretty sweet.  Personally, I like sweet, fruity drinks, but my companion said he’d take a pass on this one in the future, it was just too sweet for his tastes.  While I liked it well enough, it was also my least favorite of the three drinks we tried at Splitsville.

Tomorrow, we’re trying an organic beer off the standard lounge menu.


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