12 Drinks of Christmas 2012 – Drink 4

(Came back from Disney with a bad cold, so a couple of these were delayed.  Backdating them to the date they would have been for sake of continuity.)

In September, there was an overhaul of the standard lounge menu at Walt Disney World.   So for the Twelve Drinks of Christmas, we decided to try out a few of the new drinks on the menu.  The first was the Tropical Infusion Cocktail.


The Tropical Infusion Cocktail is a mix of SKYY Infusions Dragon Fruit Vodka, strawberry puree, pineapple juice, coconut,  fresh lime juice, and garnished with a strawberry.   The strongest flavor in this drink was the pineapple, at least until the bottom of the drink where it was all syrupy, strawberry puree.   It’s a pretty drink, and it tasted good, but the final sip was just a little too sweet for me.   While it didn’t come with anything to stir it with so you’ll probably have to ask,  I would suggest giving it a stir near the end in order to mix the puree into the drink rather than leaving it all at the bottom.

Next up, we’ll take (a) Manhattan.


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