12 Drinks of Christmas 2012 – Drink 2

Continuing on with the holiday cocktail offerings at Walt Disney World, we headed over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to try out a couple of their drinks.  The first one is the Sleigh Ride.

Sleigh Ride

While we have been at Walt Disney World over Christmas four out of the past five years, we’ve never grabbed one of these.   I have no idea why as this has the makings of a fairly potent concoction (rum, gin, vodka, Triple Sec, sweet-and-sour, and cranberry juice) and certainly seemed like something we’d enjoy.   In any event, this year we made it a point to try this drink and another one of the holiday offerings at High Octane which we’ll feature tomorrow.

The Sleigh Ride is a stronger, fruity beverage, with the flavor of the gin being fairly prevalent. Despite its name and the inclusion of cranberry,  I wouldn’t call it the most festive drink in the traditional sense.   However, this is Florida and it seems to fit right in for warm winter’s day in Florida.  (Of course the past few days haven’t been that warm, but last year when we were drinking Gluhwein in 80 degree weather, this would have hit the spot nicely!)   While we liked the drink well enough, I’m not sure we’d choose this over grabbing a Grandma’s Picnic Punch at the Tune-In.   But, if you’re a gin fan, you might actually prefer the way the flavors mix in this one.

Tomorrow we’ll have one more holiday drink before we move on to some of the every day offerings at Walt Disney World.


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