12 Drinks of Christmas Starts on December 25!

12 Drinks of Xmas

We’ll be starting this year’s edition of the 12 Drinks of Christmas on December 25th.  If you’re not familiar with our 12 Drinks of Christmas, a short recap is that it was inspired by a friend in Seattle who makes a point every December to visit 12 new bars which become the 12 Bars of Christmas.   Well, since we go to Disney World a lot,  we’ve already been to most of the bars.  But when we visit those bars, we tend to order the same drinks because they are favorites.   However, this time of year, we try to “drink out of the box” and make a conscious effort to try 12 drinks we haven’t had before.   It could be beer, wine, cocktails, maybe even a non-alcoholic drink this year, we’ll just choose as the mood for something hits us.

So starting December 25, we’ll post a drink a day, tell you what it is, where it came from, and if we liked it…or we didn’t.   To give everyone an idea of what we’re drinking, we’ll be tweet some pics and post some on Facebook throughout the weekend, but the bulk of the information on each drink will be posted here within the 12 Days of Christmas.

We hope to try some great drinks this year, so stay tuned.


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