Tables in Wonderland Price Increase

Tables in Wonderland

A Disney drinker’s best friend just got more expensive.  Tables in Wonderland increased in price by $25.00 today, making the card $100.00 for Disney annual passholders and DVC members, and $125.00 for Florida residents who do not have annual passes and are not DVC members.

Is it still worth it?   Well, if you’re an AP holder/DVC member, you’re now going to need to make $500.00 in qualifying purchases just to break even.  You’ll have to do your own math based on where you drink and dine.


3 thoughts on “Tables in Wonderland Price Increase

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  2. Agree. If you go often, and are dining at table service restaurants with drinks and hitting the lounges a lot, you can make it up in no time. Still disappointing to see such a big increase though.

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