Cocktail Passport at the Disney Fantasy’s Skyline Lounge

Going on a seven day Disney Fantasy cruise anytime soon?  You might want to check out this fun “cocktail passport” available at the Skyline Lounge.  Our friend Catherine tried it out on her last cruise and sent us this report.

The Skyline Passport works like this:

 It’s for sale only in the Skyline bar on the Fantasy, which is currently running 7 night cruises. The passport costs about $67 (there was change but I don’t recall the exact amount).  For that , you get 7 specialty drinks from Skyline.

 The menu is separated into 7 European cities – Barcelona, Athens, London, Paris, Budapest, St. Petersburg, and Florence. Each country is assigned two specialty drinks. You can get these on your passport in whatever order you want – if you don’t want to try one from each city, that’s OK. With each drink you choose you’re entitled to an embossed stamp in your passport booklet. There’s a space for your stamp in the page for each city – plus a recipe for one of that city’s specialty cocktails.  Try the ones listed, try different ones, or if you like one city’s cocktails you’re good to go with 7 of those.

London stamped passport page.

The “Londinium” cocktail.

 In effect, it works out to getting a bit of a discount, as most of Skyline’s cocktails cost around $10. Choosing the ones that cost $10.50 will obviously get you the greatest discount.

 So if you’re good with getting your pre-dinner beverage from Skyline, then you’re all set with the passport. My procedure was to choose a drink from whatever city was featured on Skyline’s “windows” when I walked in every evening, and no repeats allowed.

Sounds like a fun way to sample some of the great cocktails at Skyline!

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