What’s New on the Standard Lounge Menu

A friend sent over the following pictures of the descriptions of some of what is in the recently released standard lounge menu.

 Strawberry Julep

Tropical Infusion Cocktail

Forever Young

Scottish Raspberry Lemon Drop

Pimm’s Punch

Jameson Irish Whiskey Sour

Rye Manhattan

Truffle Olive Martini

Godiva Liqueur Flight

What do you think?  Anything you’re anxious to try?


7 thoughts on “What’s New on the Standard Lounge Menu

  1. Cindy: I know the Truffle Martini is also being served at Disneyland, at least in some places. I have a friend going next week and I’ll ask her to keep an eye out for whether the Strawberry Julep has ended up at DLR as well. I expect it probably has.

  2. So far of the new bunch I’ve tried the Strawberry Julep – which is awesome. I’m a big fan of mint juleps and really enjoyed it with the strawberry – super strong too! I had mine at Vero Beach’s Green Cabin Room – looks like they have the new drinks from the standard lounge menu too. Also had a “skinny coconut mojito” made with coconut water – hadn’t tried that one yet and it was awesome!

    • Good to hear what you’ve enjoyed so far. We’ll be trying several of the new ones during the 12 Drinks of Christmas this year. Not a big mojito fan, but I bet we’ll try at least one of them.

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