Cocktail Menu Changes Coming

As repeat visitors to Walt Disney World probably noticed, last year there were only a couple of small changes made to the standard lounge menu from the previous year,  and not the large “overhaul” we’ve seen in the past.  As a result, the menu certainly has seemed a little “stale” as of late.   Well, readers will be happy to know that several new drinks are headed to the menu early this fall!

Of course to make way for the new, it will be out with the old as well.  Tourist favorites like the “Magical Star” probably aren’t going anywhere, but are there any of the other cocktails you would hate to see go?


3 thoughts on “Cocktail Menu Changes Coming

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  3. Wonderful news! I’m always excited when the standard lounge menu gets overhauled a bit. I’m hoping for some more “savoury” choices – cucumber or vegetable or spicy or fresh herb bases. Usually there are loads of sweet or sweet&sour standards, but I like it when they bust out out the hot peppers or interesting veggies for drinks…. Also I like some low-cal options, since we go to the parks & resorts on a pretty regular basis the high-cal ones start to add up!

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