Drink Report: Pimm’s Cup at Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub – bloody good!

Last year, I packed up my husband Rich, our three sons, and my parents and headed for Walt Disney World. I’d been there before with my parents (as a kid), and I’d been there before with my family, but this was the first time we all went together. It was fantastic! One of the fantastic-est things about visiting the World with my parents along? Date night!

On our Epcot day, after dinner, the boys were getting a little tired. Mom and Dad were more than willing to take them back to the resort for a swim, allowing Rich and I to stroll around the World Showcase. We enjoyed margaritas in Mexico, beer in Germany, a Bellini in Italy, and ended up at the UK Pavilion’s Rose and Crown Pub for a snack and – you guessed it – more drinks.

Rich opted for the Single Malt Scotch flight, while I had the Pimm’s Cup. I’d never had one before, and loved it! It was sweet and fruity – just how I like my alcoholic beverages.
It’s definitely a pinky-up drink, and one that I’ve since worked into my regular repertoire (in fact, I’m sipping one right now as I type). It made me feel totally British.  In fact, it made me feel so British that I strolled across the street to the shops (while my husband continued with his Scotch flight), bought a knock-off of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring (AKA Princess Diana’s engagement ring, if you’re old like me), and returned to the pub to show off my new bling before Rich had finished his tour of Scotland!
If you don’t like to taste the alcohol in your alcohol, I highly recommend you try a Pimm’s Cup the next time you visit Epcot!


Heather B. writes at her blog, Disney for Five.


2 thoughts on “Drink Report: Pimm’s Cup at Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub – bloody good!

  1. I’ve always had a beer inside the EPCOT UK with my fish and chips but never thought to go in the pub and order this. It is definitely on my “to drink at EPCOT” list for next year!

  2. I first heard about Pimms watching Boardwalk Empire. I tried the Pimms Cup at R&C and loved it! Its light and flavorful with just the right amount of zing for a lightweight like me.

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