Drink Report: Auntie’s Mai Tai

It was a rainy Friday afternoon in the Happiest Place on Earth.  After saving the Magic Kingdom with Merlin many times over (we were playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom all day), a friend and I decided to head over to the Polynesian on a tip from the Tikiman via the awesome Thursday night Disney broadcast, Pirate Radio.  After listening to one show where the Tikiman was the guest, he suggested trying the Auntie’s Mai-Tai from the Tambu Lounge.  The cool thing about this “insider” tip is that the Auntie’s Mai-Tai is not on the drink menu anywhere at the Polynesian.  According to Tikiman, if you order the Mai-Tai that is in the drink menu, it will be sweeter than the Auntie’s Mai-Tai, which is supposed to be more like the traditional Mai-Tai you would get in Hawaii.  Well, far be it for me to deny the well-reputed advice of a Polynesian resort professional!  So when it came time for our break, we hopped the monorail and headed over to try for ourselves.

The drink is served in the traditional Mai-Tai glass, complete with umbrella and fresh pineapple wedge.  True to the Tikiman’s word, the drink was very flavorful without being too sweet. Definitely fruity, but a great balance of flavors so that nothing was overpowering.  In fact, it was tricky to even taste any liquor in the drink, but boy did it pack a punch.  The sign of a wellmade drink!  You could feel it without tasting it.  The drink cost us about $9 and change with tax, but it between the authentic taste and the way it was mixed, it was sure worth it.  Highly recommended!


Lauren S. writes at her blog,  Living the Magical Life.


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