CLOSED! My favorite hidden Mickey is…

Please finish the sentence in the comments section below.  Remember, your favorite hidden Mickey can be at Disneyland, Walt Disney World or on the Disney Cruise Line.

The first 25 people respond will be entered into a drawing to win one of two copies of ”Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets” by Steven Barrett.

Good luck!

(Note: I normally try to update along the way and when we reach 25 entries, however, we are having severe adverse weather so my ability to do so this evening might be affected, i.e. we lose power.  Just a heads up.)


29 thoughts on “CLOSED! My favorite hidden Mickey is…

  1. My favorite is in WDW… in the dining room scene of The Haunted Mansion. It was the first one I ever saw as a child and now that I’m an adult, I realize that any proper ghost party would have plenty of wine served at that table!

    • Oh… I get it. Silly me. Well, just to play by the rules…and look like a crazy having three comments already….

      My favorite hidden Mickey is…in Walt Disney World… in the dining room scene of The Haunted Mansion. It was the first one I ever saw as a child and now that I’m an adult, I realize that any proper ghost party would have plenty of wine served at that table!

      There, now I feel at peace with the world.

  2. Does a hidden mickey on Disney’s old game Virtual Magic Kingdom count? 🙂 My favorite mickey on there was located on main street (first one I found). I haven’t looked for hidden mickeys at the real Magic Kingdom yet, but I’m planning on it, on our next trip (Feb 2013!)

  3. My favorite Hidden Mickey? Just one?! Ok, ok, if I have to choose, my favorite is definitely “Lake Hidden Mickey” in the middle of the Walt Disney World Speedway! Got to see it in real life a few weekends ago, when I got to do the Richard Petty Driving Experience ride-along! 🙂

  4. My favorite hidden Mickeys are the ones tucked into the carpets at the beautiful Disney World resorts! Love spotting them as I walk back sleepily to the room after a long and warm day in the parks.

  5. My favorite hidden Mickey is…the only one i’ve ever seen without any assistance, on the bottom of the tank in the living seas.

  6. My favorite Hidden Mickey is the one in the projection of the Reaper’s cloak in the Haunted Mansion, just before your doombuggy turns forward again after going sideways through the graveyard scene. A close second would be in the french horn at Mickey’s Philharmagic. (I am a musician after all! 🙂 )

  7. My favorite hidden Mickey is in Magic Kingdom Adventureland just outside the Agrabah Market. I was able to help my 6 year old son find it as we played Scorerers of the Magic Kingdom. It was a special experience to share.

  8. My fav is the Top Of The World lounge at Bay Lake with the hidden Mickey’s in the speakers and more!! Plus… Grab a drink while your there

  9. My favorite hidden Mickey is in the graveyard of the haunted mansion. He is with the grim reaper and is awesome.

  10. My favorite (most appreciated) hidden Mickey’s are the ones in wallpaper, carpet and tile. All the hidden Mickey’s take lots of thought, but the details that must be executed to place Mickey’s in wallpaper/carpet designs before they are made. Same with the tile, it’s a very detailed process to figure out how tiles will be placed and where a Mickey will fit in.

  11. My favorite hidden Mickey is the little girl holding the stuffed Mickey in the pre-show for Tower of Terror. I think it makes the pre-show creepier. 🙂

  12. I love trying to find Hidden Mickeys in Living with the Land. Sometimes it is in the colors of the lettuce, or in the shrimp tanks. And we love seeing the Mickey shaped pumpkins.

  13. My favorite hidden mickey is…one that is now gone. It was the one only viewable by plane on on the park map of MGM studios in front of The Great Movie Ride on the concrete. When they put in the sorcerers hat it was destroyed 😦

  14. My favorite hidden mickey is in the Magic Kingdo
    In Splash Mountain. In one scene there is a frog fishing and there is a hidden mickey created with red & white bobbers – this was one of the first ones I found!

  15. My favorite hidden Mickey is in Spaceship Earth, The Renaissance period- leftover paint from the paint cans or the mickey outline some bartenders garnish your drink with!

  16. Mine is a common one, but the Haunted Mansion plates. I love that it’s not an “official” hidden mickey, but one that CMs have taken into their own hands.

  17. My favorite hidden Mickey is located in Rock N Roller Coaster in the per show room. Look for the wires on the floor.

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