Cotton Candy Cocktails at T-Rex

T-Rex probably isn’t the first place you think of when choosing a spot to grab a drink at Downtown Disney.  But if your travels take you there, think about trying one of their cotton-tinis, a drink that combines a traditional theme park treat with cocktail goodness.

T-Rex offers three different varities of cotton-tinis.  They are:

Tropical Cotton-Tini  Malibu Coconut Rum and tropical fruit juices with cotton candy
Cosmo-Paleo Cotton-Tini  XR Fusion Liqueur, Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka and cranberry juice with cotton candy
Candy-Apple Cotton-Tini  Finlandia Vodka, DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps and a splash of sweet & sour mixed with cotton candy

No matter which cotton-tini flavor you choose, you start with a martini glass filled with cotton candy.

The cocktail itself is mixed in a shaker and then poured over the top of the cotton candy.

Finally, you end up with a confectionary cocktail concoction that looks something like this.   This picture is of the “Tropical Cotton-tini.”

Surprisingly, with all that sugar in there, the drinks are not overly sweet.  However, you do end up with a layer of the sugar at the bottom of your glass so drinking that last sip might be. 

The T-Rex cotton-tinis are $10.99 each and include the souvenir shaker.


Photos courtesy Catherine V. and Crystal B.


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