Popping by the Petals Pool Bar

With its mid-property location and one of the best food courts Disney has to offer, Pop Century is our top pick for quick weekend trips on a budget.   Since it’s a “value” resort, it doesn’t have a lounge, but it does have the Petals pool bar.

Located near the 1960’s section’s “Hippy Dippy” pool, the brightly colored floral marquee of Petals is hard to miss.  The bar itself is not very large and features only about eight seats, but you’ll find several table and chairs sets nearby.

The specialty drink menu at Petals is pretty much what you’ve come to expect from Walt Disney World Resort pool bars,

and a closer look at the “placemat” menu reveals the run of the mill beers served here,

but Petals has something that many of the other pool bars on property do not.  They offer two drinks themed to the resort itself, the Hula Hoop and the Lava Lamp.

Here’s a look at those drinks, the Hula Hoop is on the left and the Lava Lamp on the right.

Both drinks are pretty good, and while I normally enjoy tart drinks, I prefer the fruity Hula Hoop over the tart Lava Lamp.  The Lava Lamp is pretty fun to watch being made though, with the Grenadine drizzle recreating the look of an actual lava lamp as it runs through the other ingredients.

Petals opens around 12:00 p.m. each day and the closing time varies.  Note that if there is severely inclement weather, that may affect its operating hours.


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