Drinking Disney at Home – Parks and Resorts

A few items we spotted on a recent visit to Walt Disney World.

First up, these great Poly shot glasses featuring Mickey Mouse relaxing on the beach.  My price picture didn’t turn out but I am sure they were under $10.00.

These were also found at the main gift shop at the Polynesian, but they are probably sold elsewhere on property as well.   Very cute. I like that they had them in both Mickey and Minnie.  They were $9.95 each.

This set was found in one of the larger gift shops at Animal Kingdom, but I can’t recall which one.  I suspect they are probably sold in several places at the park though.   The set retails for $21.95.

We found this shot  glass at World of Disney at Downtown Disney, which retails for $7.95.   I loved all the little details they put on it.   You can’t drink in the Magic Kingdom, but you can drink out of it!

Finally, also at the World of Disney, we spotted this goblet featuring a red design with apples interspersed in it amongst a section featuring several items related to the Once Upon a Time television show.  It retails for $22.95.

If you don’t have plans to visit Walt Disney World anytime soon but would like pick up one of these items, or just about any other park merchandise you’ve seen or heard about, contact Walt Disney World Mail Order at 877-560-6477.


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