CLOSED! I Wish Disney Would Sell…

We have our 25.  Winner will be drawn tomorrow.  GOOD LUCK!



41 thoughts on “CLOSED! I Wish Disney Would Sell…

    • I guess I should tell you why this is drinking-related. If you’ve ever had a drink immediately after running in a half marathon… you’ll understand! I want rundisney glasses, shot glasses, etc!

      • Amen Kyle! One of the 1st things DH did after the goofy was get an ale from the pub at the UK. His mantra was don’t stop moving, will walk for beer.

  1. Dinsey Pins are a huge item for Disney fans. I would like to combine this with “Drinking Around the World” There would be a pin for each country when you finish your drink. For France the pin could have a Grand marnier slush on it, maybe a Black and Tan for England.

    Also, when you have finished your adventure, a special pin for the Drinking Around the World aficionado

  2. The antioxidant cocktail by the gallon, at the restort stores.( In slim containers that fit in room fridges.) And Phineas & Ferb themed antenna toppers. 🙂

  3. Trying this again! That’ll teach me not to read… 😉

    I wish Disney would sell a Disney-themed bar set…shakers, strainers, jiggers. It would make my home bar more fun!

  4. I wish Disney would sell bedazzled Princess and villain-themed goblets! What better to make you feel like true royalty?-good or bad!

  5. I wish Disney sold Pint glasses with each parks Logo on them (Like the shot glasses). I’d love to see Disney specific mixers, like the scents they sell like wonder or a princess wish but made for alcohol

  6. Epcot World Showcase coasters that represent each country. Ideally with a cocktail recipe that can be found in that country printed on one side.

  7. a book that lists all the alcohol they sell in the World Showcase. i can’t recall the name of that beer I had in Germany that was so good.

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