Martinis at the House of Mouse

The martini.  A classic American cocktail with an aura of sophistication.  And you’re drinking it at Disney World?  Sure.  Why not.

These days, the moniker of  “martini” has morphed into a catch-all for drinks served in the glass of the same name.  But lets talk about “real” martinis, the “old school” ones made of gin and vermouth, and their close cousins, like the vodka martini, with their olives or twists of lemon.  These are the martinis that call for a certain atmosphere.  Just any theme park lounge simply will not do.

So whether you like your martinis shaken or stirred, wet or dry, and maybe even a little dirty, here are five great places for enjoying the preferred cocktail of aviators, spies, and “Mad Men” everywhere.

  • Hollywood Brown Derby

Located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Hollywood Brown Derby has an atmosphere that is reminiscent of old Hollywood.  This restaurant is exactly the type of place to have a martini at Disney World.  The Derby serves up a few different varieties of  them under the names of some of its Streetmosphere characters, as well as a martini flight for those who might have a difficult time choosing.

  • Belle Vue Lounge
             The official description of the Belle Vue Lounge from Walt Disney World says it all.
 This 1930s sitting room features board games and working radios playing shows from a bygone era…
If you’re still not convinced, stop by this cozy little spot at the Boardwalk Inn and see for yourself.
  • Mizner’s Lounge

While the Mizner’s Lounge doesn’t quite live up to the grandeur of the rest of Grand Floridian, with comfy chairs, subtle lighting and the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra playing the night away just outside, the atmosphere still makes for a perfect place to enjoy a martini.

  • Territory Lounge

The charm of the Pacific Northwest is alive and well at the Wilderness Lodge’s Territory Lounge, and here you can enjoy “The Classic” – a gin martini with either olives or a lemon twist, or for something a little different, the “North Flight” – Grey Goose vodka served with bleu cheese stuffed olives.

  • Top of the World Lounge
While one does not simply walk in to the Top of the World Lounge, if you have the opportunity to visit, take it.   This lounge, exclusive to DVC members staying at Bay Lake Tower (and their guests),  leans towards the “contemporary” in look and feel, a traditional martini seems to fit right in.  This lounge also has a fantastic view of the fireworks at night which is not to be missed.

So those are our choices for five great spots to enjoy a martini at Disney World.  Do you have a favorite?  We’d love to hear from you.
“Martini Flight of the Stars” and “North Flight” photos courtesy of Catherine V. 


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