Spotlight: Crew’s Cup Lounge

Located next to the Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, you’ll find a (not so) little lounge called the Crew’s Cup.

If the sign out front didn’t give it away, the theme here is “crew”,  as in rowing. Lots of neat touches pepper the walls of this establishment, from oars, to crew jackets, to a border of rowers in silhouette.  Some might be a little hard to see at first glance though, as they keep it fairly dark in there.

The lounge is pretty spacious, with several dining sets and a few booths.   They also have a bar that seats about ten.

On our visit, the bar was empty, as was the lounge for the most part.  It made for a pleasant respite from the busy parks.

The Crew’s Cup has one of the most extensive beer lists on property.  You’ll find a few varieties of Samuel Adams on draft and a wide variety of bottled beer, including the usual suspects such Bud Light and Miller, as well as some decent craft beers like Anchor Steam and Dogfish 60 Minute IPA.*   And while the lounge doubles as a waiting area for the Yachtsman Steakhouse, there is a limited appetizer and dining menu served here which is worthy of  consideration in its own right.

This was the menu on our visit in December 2011.

Definitely some good options for those who might not have made an ADR somewhere for the evening and are looking for a meal better than food court fare.

While the standard lounge drink menu is in effect here, they also offer a specialty drink that changes from time to time, and is highlighted on a reader board in the corner of the lounge.    As you can see from the picture below, we were there at Christmas and the specialty drink reflected the season.

The Santa’s Little Helper consisted of Bailey’s, Butterscotch Schnapps, and Goldschlager.  It was quite delicious and would make for an excellent dessert drink.   I’m pretty sure Santa would prefer one of these over cookies.

While we definitely think the Crew’s Cup is an excellent choice for a drink and/or a meal in a pinch, there is one thing I’d like to make note of.   As previously mentioned, this lounge is located next to the steakhouse.  Viewable from both the restaurant and the lounge,  they have a “meat window”  filled with slabs of meat.     I know I have a few vegetarian friends who would be  sensitive to that sort of thing, so I wanted to give warning to others who might be as well.

The Crew’s Cup operates from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., seven days a week.  It’s generally not too crowded, and sometimes even empty as evidenced by our December visit, but it can get pretty busy during the evening dinner hours as patrons wait for their reservations at the Yachtsman.  While it won’t be a quiet oasis in that situation, it’s still a good place to have a drink.

Tables in Wonderland is accepted here.


*These two particular beers were being offered on our last visit.  Disney does like to make changes to their menus from time to time so your mileage may vary on what craft beers they are serving.


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