Bwason Lakay Haiti Refreshments at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival opened earlier this month and one place many were looking forward to visiting was the new the Haiti: Garden of Many Colors, and specifically Bwason Lakay Haiti Refreshments, a special kiosk that sells Haitian rhum and liqueurs.

The kiosk is reminiscent of the ones they have  for the food and wine festival, however, there are no food choices.  It offers a couple frozen specialty drinks, Haitian coffee with Haitian liqueurs for mixing, and Prestige, which is a Haitian beer.

The reviews of the drinks here have been mixed.  The frozen specialty drinks come out of a machine, which tends to lend itself to a drink being on the weak side.  If you do decide to try one, the Hibiscus Rhum Lemonade seems to be favored over the Coconut Rhum Punch, but if you can try both without buying two separate drinks, just ask for them to give you a “half and half” drink.

Although the drinks may be on the weak side,   they do look refreshing, especially for a hot day.   Even this flower looks poised to grab a sip!

As for the coffee drinks, you can choose your “mixer” so you have a few different options there. You can also get an iced version of the  coffee drinks, which is nice.

Finally, the Prestige beer does not seem to have earned itself many fans.  Also, the folks at Beer Advocate and their readers give this beer scores of “58” and “64” and that qualifies it for a “Poor” rating.  With lots of decent beer to be found at Epcot, this probably is not your best stop unless you just really want to try a Haitian beer no matter what it tastes like.

It will be interesting to see if Haiti is added to the Food and Wine festival offerings this year as well.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, have you had a chance to sample one of the cocktails Bwason Lakay Haiti refreshments?   What was you favorite?


Photos courtesy of  Crystal B. and Catherine V.


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