The “25” Giveaway: March Edition

It’s almost time for this month’s “25” giveaway!  In case you missed the description of what we’re doing,  here’s the short version:

On the 25th of each month, we’ll have a giveaway in which the entries will be limited to 25 people.  Each month will have a new theme so one month may be photos of something, the next month it may be a short review,  or something like a “finish this sentence.”    We will try to mix it up from month to month to give everyone who would like to a chance to enter at some point.   A reminder will always be made a day prior to the giveaway with all information on what it will entail, what time it will start, and what the prize(s) will be.   Once we have 25 entries, the giveaway will be closed and a winner chosen shortly thereafter.

For  the March “25” giveaway, the theme  is snacks.  More specifically, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. EDT, I will make a post asking what your favorite Disney snack and drink combo is.  The first 25 people who respond to the post will be entered into this month’s giveaway.   Your snack and drink pairing can be from anywhere within the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, or the Disney Cruise Line.   Note: You must include the drink, the snack, and the location where you have it to be counted.  For example, your comment may look something like this:

My favorite drink and snack pairing is a Pina Colada with the crisp breads and dips at the Tambu Lounge.

While part of me expects I will end up with 25 responses of “a margarita with chips and salsa at La Cava del Tequila,” since I am asking for favorites,  that would totally be fair.  But, perhaps a few of you at least might have some other choices.

Now, on to this month’s prizes.  We have more of a “prize pack” this time.  First off, we have a copy of the Disney Food Blog’s Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks which has kindly been provided for this giveaway by AJ Wolfe, owner of the Disney Food Blog.   Second, we have a set of cute Disney snack refrigerator magnets.  (New in package of course, this pic is just so you can see them a little better.)

Finally, we will include some actual snacks from Epcot!    I know at least Germany and Japan are included in there, and I think Italy, but I have forgotten the others and they are at my office waiting to be shipped.  (Thank you, RW, for picking those up for me!)  There is no chocolate though, sorry.  Did not want anything to melt en route to the winner!

The giveaway will commence Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EDT.   The post will be called “My favorite drink and snack combination is…”.   Remember, you must leave your answer in the comments section and only the first 25 people who leave comments will be entered into the drawing for the prize pack!  We will hold the drawing within a day of receiving the 25 entries, or Thursday, March 29, 2012, whichever comes first.

Good luck!


4 thoughts on “The “25” Giveaway: March Edition

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  2. My favorite drink and snack pairing is a glass of rosa regale from Italy while munching on a pretzel from Germany in the UK

  3. My favorite drink and snack pairing is a glass of rosa regale in Italy with a soft pretzel from Germany in Epcot

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