Drink Report: Pomegranate Surprise

Hello Drinking Disney Guys and Dolls! I am so happy to share my first ever “drink report” with you.  As much as I would love to talk about my first trip to La Cava del Tequila… I can’t remember it. (Don’t judge me!)

But I would LOVE to tell you about my most recent trip to the Cave of Wonders (yes that is the literal translation. You doubt me?)  I do, I do love that bar.

I had just gotten off the Gran Fiesta Tour which is number 1 on “rides I want to drink on”. My group of friends and I decided to head to La Cava for a few reasons: First, when in Epcot, I have to get “lost in Mexico,” and second, we were all trying to meet up with a new friend we had all made via the twitter.

We walked in and saw our friend @24hoursinDisney sitting at one of the tables.  It was great to finally meet him!  We said our hellos and grabbed a seat.  After which we stared at the menu.

Now I don’t know my friends’ excuses for staring, but I can explain myself.  When I decided to come to La Cava this time I had my heart set on a hibiscus margarita.  I heard they were fruity and sweet and wonderful.  But what I didn’t realize is that they were no longer on the menu! (NOOOO!!!)

I asked our waiter and he said the hibiscus margarita had been discontinued BUT (yay hope) the new pomegranate margarita was very similar. Now I have a personal hit or miss history with pomegranate. Either they are sweet and wonderful or they are terribly bitter… And my thought was this might be bitter.  But hey! It’s alcohol. By the time I drank enough to whine about the bitterness I’d be buzzed.

So I ordered one. Let me tell you this is now the LOVE of my margarita life! It was sweet and fruity as promised.  It wasn’t bitter at all and so smooth, as all La Cava margaritas tend to be.  I was an instant fan.

Such a fan that I had 2 of them that day.  My friend who had ordered the blood orange (my previous go to) said he was so ordering the pomegranate next time!


DragynAlly writes at her site,  The Dragyn’s Lair.


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