Beers of the World – Éphémère Apple

Today’s Beer of the World is another one from the Unibroue Brewery in Quebec, Canada.  This one is their Éphémère Apple, and it is served at Le Cellier Steakhouse at the Canada Pavillion.

The Unibroue Brewery’s website is one of my favorites.  It’s filled with information about the brewery, their beers, and again, like the La Fin du Monde, there are videos of the story of this beer which you can find here and a description here.

The videos are interesting, and personally I enjoy watching them, but for a quick overview of this beer, you need look no further than the Le Cellier menu:

The story of a Fairy looking for love, and her dreams, this is a lighter beer with a fruity flavor, and draws its charms from a bountiful season’s harvest. A white ale with hints of apple, is delicate with its hint of sweetness.

This beer has a higher end of average ABV of  5.5%.  The folks at Beer Advocate gave this beer a score of 74, qualifying it for an “Average” rating.  Their readers, from 885 reviews, gave it a little higher score of 82, which qualifies it for a “Good” rating.

Now here’s where I am about to go against everything I have said about my not really caring for “fruit” beers.  I love this beer.  The apple taste isn’t overwhelming.  It’s light, it’s crisp, and I can tell you from personal experience it goes excellent with the mac and cheese at Le Cellier.  Some might be happier with a Maudite or a La Fin du Monde, but I think this is my favorite Unibroue I have tried so far.


3 thoughts on “Beers of the World – Éphémère Apple

  1. MammaSchmoo beat me to it, but yes you should definitely try Ephemere Blackcurrant.

    Ephemere Apple is a popular beer among the Beers and Ears crew. One of Ed’s favorites and I thought it was pretty good too.

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