Trip Reports…no. Drink Reports…YES!

We’re adding a “Drink Reports” section.  Just like a trip report, only about your drinking adventures!  (Think of all the time you’ll save leaving out the stuff about the flight, the resort, and the lack of a towel animal in your room!)  Drink Reports from visits to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and voyages on the Disney Cruise Line are welcome.

What can you write about? You can write about what you’re drinking and where.  You can write about a drink you loved or a drink you hated.  You can write about your first visit to La Cava.  You can write about your monorail crawl.  You can write about how you and your friends managed to make it all the way around World Showcase when you were “Drinking Around the World”…or how you lost one of your buddies along the way at the France Pavillion and he still hasn’t made it back to the room.  (I overheard that conversation once.)

So write about whatever you want.  Just make sure it’s at least a couple paragraphs.  “I went to the Tambu. The Lapu Lapu was awesome.” does not a Drink Report make!

If it’s about the drink(s), include some pictures of what you’re drinking and where you got it from. If it’s about a place, include pictures of where you are and what you’re drinking. (There is a difference.)  Whatever it is about, the more pictures the better, because everyone LOVES pictures.   

There will be some sort of contest or drawing for Drink Report contributors. The first prize(s) will be awarded on July 1st. (UPDATE: Deadline now July 15th.)   Not sure what the prize(s) will be yet but there will be at least one, and probably more, because prizes are awesome. (UPDATE: $25 Disney Gift Card, $20 Target Gift Card, $15.00 Amazon Gift Card).  If this is something people are interested in doing on an ongoing basis, we’ll do another round through the end of the year.

When you send your report(s), be sure to tell us who to credit for it, and if you’d like a link to your blog or website, include that information too.  You can send as many as you like, and you’ll get an entry into the contest for each one you send, but only one prize will be awarded per person.

E-mail all of your Drink Reports to us at!


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