Drinking Around the World – Japan Hospitality Kiosk

Japan Hospitality Kiosk

The newest addition to the “Drinking Around the World” options at Epcot opened earlier this year at the Japan Pavillion.  Since this location doesn’t have an actual name branded on it,  most have taken to referring to it as the  “Outdoor Sake Bar” or “Outdoor Sake Kiosk.”   But according to my receipt, its actual name is the  “Japan Hospitality Kiosk.”   That’s a bit of a mouthful, so we’ve taken to calling it the “Sake Shack” for short.

Here is a look at the menu:


As you can see, they have several types of Sake available here, but the best part is that they have Sake cocktails similar to those served at Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo.

With a variety of favors to choose from, I decided to ask the cast member for a suggestion and was informed that the green tea cocktail is quite popular.   Unfortunately, I am not a big fan green tea fan, so I went with one that I thought I’d enjoy and ordered the orange flavor.

The texture and taste of this drink was interesting.  It was creamy from the orange mix they use, and tasted like what can best be described as orange sherbert.   I do like orange sherbert, and for my first few sips of drinking this, I loved it!  But after a while, orange sherbert in a liquid form started to seem like it wasn’t the best idea.   It wasn’t bad, but maybe just a bit too rich to be sipping on.  I think this particular flavor would have been more enjoyable in a shot form.

Along with all the options available on the menu, they had the following sign below for the Tokyo Sunset:

While it sounds delicious, this is the sort of thing you can have made at any bar.  Good plan though to make sales to the less adventurous out there who are strolling Epcot with a Sake fan.

The “Sake Shack”  is a nice addition to the Japan Pavillion.   For a straight shot of Sake, I’d still head inside of Mitsukoshi’s Sake bar as they have a little more variety I believe (not to mention you can get your name written in Japanese on the free souvenir cup), but the Sake cocktails here are a nice option and I do look forward to giving another flavor a try.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the “Sake Shack”, check out our gallery here.


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