“One More Disney Day” Disneyland Adventure

View of the line this morning:

Wonder how many will be left at 6am tomorrow

in at 7:40. smooth sailing. no line. no bars open either, tho

does an 8am Bloody Mary violate the spirit of this thing?

this was the line to get Margaritas at noon today. I love Californians

seven hours in. no coffee, just function: Alternative Energy. feel fantastic. am becoming a shill for the stuff

 if you’re wondering about the glare, that’s just the drinking lamp coming on

Firestone Double Barrel Ale – ESPN Zone

One More Disney Day, long hard day Iceberg cocktail recipe http://t.co/CofqkTAn

2:30am, time to eat, clearly

3am, what is your go-to wake me up ride?

at 5am we will give out the Youngest Kid Still at the Park Award

followed by the Dubious Parenting prize

totally going to make it, but i will admit to a nap

5:50am..who leaves now?



-From the tweets of @Disney4Grownups aka Christopher Schmidt


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