The Wonderful World of Pub Blends

We stopped by the Rose and Crown Pub last weekend and had a chance to try another one of their pub blends so I thought we’d take a closer look at what they offer.

The various "pub blends" at the Rose and Crown

Undoubtedly, the most well known, and I suspect the most popular, is the “Black & Tan.”   Over the years, we’ve certainly had plenty of those.  Another one that makes our list often is the “Snake Bite.”   But on this visit, we decided to give the “Cider & Black” a try.

Pay no attention to the Welsh Dragon lurking on the right...

The Cider & Black is made from cider and black currant juice.   I regret that I was too busy chatting with a fellow bar patron (he was very much interested in that beauty known as the Welsh Dragon) to pay attention to which cider they used, but I suspect it was the Strongbow.  (If anyone knows for certain, I would love the clarification.)

The taste of this pub blend was quite good.  I was happy to find that it wasn’t too overly sweet from the black currant juice, or anything more sweet than the usual cider taste anyway.  There was just a hint of the black currant coming through and it made for a pleasant mix.  I do expect this drink will make another appearance in my Epcot drink rotation soon.

Do you enjoy the pub blends at the Rose and Crown?  What’s your favorite?


One thought on “The Wonderful World of Pub Blends

  1. coming from the uk cider and black was my drink of choice in my early 20s! glad u enjoyed it – might have to have a taste of home when we get to epcot

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