The Cucumber Collins at the Disneyland Resort House of Blues

The “Cucumber Collins” featuring Belvedere Vodka may not be exclusive to the Downtown Disney House of Blues.  Given the clear genius of the House of Blues marketing minds, it is likely available everywhere.  The Disneyland Resort is where we had it, though, so that’s who gets credit.

Given the quality and corresponding, if justified, cost of Belvedere, it is not a common presence on many specialty drinks menus.  But, as we say, the House of Blues employs some brilliant people who have found a way to offer Belvedere in an incredible drink that’s not a bank breaker.

“Cucumber Collins”
2oz Belvedere Vodka
1oz Monin Cucumber syrup
1 oz Sweet n Sour mix
Soda water, fill
lime garnish

Disney and the House of Blues protect their cocktail recipes and do not disclose quantities, understandably.  Quantities listed above are suggested, but you needn’t worry.  With a drink such as this it would be difficult to mess up.  It is also a blast to experiment, so knock yourself out.


-Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt also writes at National Vodka Examiner


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