Beers of the World – Circus Boy

Today’s Beer of the World comes from the Magic Hat Brewery in Burlington, Vermont.  Circus Boy is served at the ESPN Club at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.  Thank you to Beers and Ears for the information.

Magic Hat has a great website, it’s actually one of my favorite beer websites out there.  The home page changes its design every so often, and right now it’s celebrating Mardi Gras.  The site has information about all the different beers they sell, a shop for Magic Hat gear, contests, recipes for using their beers in your cooking, etc.   Here’s their description for Circus Boy:

Circus Boy has an average ABV of 4.5%.  The folks at Beer Advocate share my love for this beer, giving it a score of 92, which qualifies it for an “Exceptional” rating.   Their 658 reader reviews give it an aggregate score of 79, which qualifies it for an “Average” rating.  So a fairly big difference there. That doesn’t surprise me however, because that’s the way it is in my household as well.  I really like this beer quite a bit, but my husband can take it or leave it.  (That’s always been fine with me though because when it was only available seasonably, I always got the three out of the variety pack.)

Lemony and crisp,  it’s a good beer choice for a hot day.  It’s too bad they probably won’t give you the bottle cap though.


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