Happy Hour! Kona Cool Sundown

Originally, today’s Happy Hour drink was going to be ‘Ohana’s Mai Tai, because I have been thinking about the Polynesian Resort a lot the past few days.  Mostly wishing I was there having drinks of course.  But one of my Twitter friends posted the recipe to her travel site yesterday, so I didn’t want to post the same drink today.  However, if you’re in the mood for an ‘Ohana Mai Tai right now, head over to @JennCMTravel’s site here for the recipe.

Instead, I’m going with another Polynesian drink from Kona Cafe, the Kona Cool Sundown.

Per Bartender Kate, this is a super easy one to make.  Glass full of ice then:

2 oz Vodka

2 oz Chambord

Top with cranberry juice.


Garnish with an orange slice and cherry, and of course a pretty umbrella.

Also, though it’s not listed what kind of vodka they use on the menu, I’d pair that Chambord up with a nice top shelf vodka like it deserves.

Please, try this at home.


Photo courtesy of @resident_hippie. Thank you!


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