Just for the record,  I do not hate Trader Sams.  I have never been.  From the pictures I have seen, I am pretty sure I would love it.  I am just sad (yes still… don’t judge) that they closed the Adventurers Club, gutted it, and then sent props from it to help make a really cool lounge in California, leaving Florida with remnants that they stuffed in the D-Street vinylmation store.

So, do not hate it.  Would probably love it.  But, admittedly, I might be just a smidge bitter.



2 thoughts on “

    • I would love a review of it, of course!

      I was afraid my comments last night might have made some think I did not like it. I actually think it looks pretty cool, and I think I’d like it. Just wish the Adventurers Club didn’t have to die and be scavenged to create it…in California no less.

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