687 – The Number of the Brews

The sports bar aboard the Disney Dream has been given the name “687.”   Of course it is a bit unusual to have a sports bar with a numerological tag, so some explanation is necessary – and it’s not a variation of the joke beloved of young kids everywhere “Why was 5 afraid of 6? Because 687.”

“687” was the number, called the “yard,” “keel” or “hull” number, assigned to the Disney Dream by its builders.  The Dream was assembled in the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany.  They used a specific number to designate each project.  Therefore, the material used to build the Dream was all labeled with the number “687.”

While you are in 687: The Bar, you can look around on the walls and see photos and artifacts of the Dream’s construction.  A replica of the “keel coin” for the Dream (gold coins are apparently placed in the hulls of ships during construction, for luck) is also on display in the pub.  I’m not saying where it is, but look for it before you’ve had a few.

Speaking of a few, 687 has its own beer. It’s called, not surprisingly, “687” (this is starting to be worse than those numbers on “Lost”) and is described as a malty red lager brewed for Disney in Oregon, with Noble hops. (Unfortunately I never got to try it.)

There’s also your regular Disney selection of InBev-affiliated beers, but the thing about the Dream is that it doesn’t have a lot of beer taps – in fact, 687 has only ONE TAP – so unless you want the 687 beer you won’t be getting draft in the pub.

There’s an interesting list of “beercktails” (yeah, kind of awkward, but they had that on the menu) including the Baja Fog (Corona, Jose Cuervo 1800, and lime) and the more fascinating sounding Green Villain (lager, melon liqueur, gin, sweet vermouth and lime juice). 687 also has its own specialty cocktail, the “Shipbuilder’s Wife” (Absolut pear, limoncello, grappa, lemon juice, agave nectar.)

Because it’s ostensibly a sports bar, there are lots of screens for watching events, including two smaller banquette seating niches with their own televisions.

And a beer tasting is held here, sign up at Guest Services if you’re interested.  On the Dream (like the other Disney ships), you can also purchase a souvenir 22 ounce refillable beer mug ($14.95 plus cost of the beer) and you get 22 ounce refills for the cost of 16 ounce refills.

– Catherine Vienna


“687 Lounge sign”  by insidethemagic  used via Creative Commons

Final image from the Walt Disney World Cruise Line “687” gallery


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