Spotlight – Mizner’s Lounge

I’m going to be quite honest here.   I am not a real big fan of the Grand Floridian Resort.  While lovely, it’s just a bit too stuffy for my tastes.   But I do enjoy Mizner’s Lounge.  (If you’re curious about where the name comes from, I direct you to the Wikipedia entry on South Florida architect Addison Mizner.)

Mizner's Lounge

Operating from about 5:00 p.m. to Midnight, Mizner’s is located on the second floor of the main building, up the hall from Citricos, and right behind where the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra plays.  They are a wonderful six piece ensemble who play Ragtime, Dixieland, Traditional Jazz and Disney music, Tuesday through Saturday evenings.  It definitely adds to the ambiance at the hotel, and makes Mizner’s a unique experience amongst the lounges of Walt Disney World.   As a former band geek and lover of all things music, I could sit and listen to them all night.

The lounge itself has a semi-circle shape surrounded by lots of windows, and there are plenty of tables and chairs.   There is also some bar seating.

Mizner's Bar

For being the lounge at Disney’s “fanciest” hotel, it’s really not anything exceptional theme wise.   But it is comfortable and the panoramic windows do offer some nice views of the Grand Floridian’s grounds.

Mizner Window

The menu at Mizner’s lounge deviates from the standard Disney lounge menu, although most of their specialty cocktails are the same, such as the Raspberry Rain and Magical Star.  They also offer a selection of “classic” cocktails here,  like the Manhattan and the Side Car.

On my recent visit, I tried the Raspberry Rain (Rain Organics Red Grape Hibiscus Vodka, Chambord, fresh Raspberries, Lychee, and Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice topped with Soda Water), but I’m not sure it’s something I would make a point of ordering again.  The raspberry bits kept getting stuck in the straw, and I wasn’t a big fan of all the seeds.  But it was pretty tasty.

Raspberry Rain

Interestingly, to me at least, is the fact that I was just there over Christmas and they had a drink, the Sun Kissed Cocktail, on the menu.   But as of my recent visit last week, it was gone and there didn’t seem to be anything to replace it.   While not my favorite drink, it’s disappointing to see specialty drinks disappear with nothing to replace them.

The beer selection at Mizner’s is pretty much the standard beer selection served at many of the resorts, such as Bud, Miller, and Sam Adams.  So if you’re looking for a good beer, Mizner’s is probably not your bar.  But  if you’re looking for a nice selection of  cordials,  bourbon, scotch, and wines, there are plenty and I suspect those are the draw to Mizner’s for many.   Oh, and the nuts.


Mizner’s is one of the few bars (honestly, I think it’s the only bar) on property that supplies free snacks to all its lounge patrons.  Personally, I love this.  Sometimes you just  want a little something to nibble on while you’re having a drink, and a full appetizer is going to be too much.   That’s why the nuts are great.   But if you’d like an appetizer, they have a few of those as well.

Mizner’s does take Tables in Wonderland, but it did seem to take an exceptionally long time to process my check this last visit.  I will say I’ve gotten used to the fact that it’s rarely a quick process to settle up a tab in any of the Disney lounges when using TIW, but I bring it up because if you’re in a hurry, you’re probably not going to get out of there as quickly as you’d like to.  I’d ask for the check at least twenty minutes or so before you’d like to leave and be sure to give it right back to the server.

Overall, I enjoy Mizner’s.  I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a beer drinker due to the lack of a decent beer selection.   But for cocktail and cordial fans, it’s a nice place to relax, have a drink, and listen to some music.


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