Beers of the World – Tucher Kristall Weizen

kristall weizen

Today’s Beer of the World comes from the Brauerei Tucher Brau (Tucher Brewery) in Nuremberg, Germany.   You can find this beer at the Hollywood Brown Derby.

When I went to the website of  Brauerei Tucher Brau I found a lot of information there, including the brewery’s history, recipes, etc.,  but Google translator was having some issues converting it all.  (They do have a USA based website that is in English, but it’s kind of a mess.)  Fortunately, I was at least able get their description of the Kristall Weizen:

A sparkling and tangy beer, Tucher Kristall Wheat is the somewhat different wheat beer for people who like something special. Tucher . looks crystal light, crystal clear and lovely when you pour it into the glass – because Tucher’s master brewers have the yeast filtered out of the beer.

This beer has a 5.1% ABV and does pretty well over at Beer Advocate.   The site gives it a score of 91, which earns it an “Exceptional” rating.  BA users give it a score of 84, which qualifies it for a “Good” rating.

I have not been to the Hollywood Brown Derby in a while.   But the next time I go, given the ratings on this beer, I’d definitely give it a try.   If you’ve tried it, would love to hear what you think.


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