New Beers and Ears iPhone App

Do you love beer?  Do you love drinking beer at Walt Disney World?  If you do, I hope you’ve had the chance to stop by one of my favorite spots on the net about beer,  Beers and Ears.

While I am working my way through the beers of Walt Disney World, you should know that this wonderful website has an outstanding amount of information on the beers of the world, and great beers in general.  (Personally, as a big Pearl Jam fan, I was especially interested to read their writer Katie’s review of the Pearl Jam Twenty Faithfull Ale.)

Well, this past week they have been hinting on Twitter that something big was coming this Sunday.  This morning,  I found out they have released a new Beers and Ears Walt Disney World Beer List iPhone App!   As a beer lover, and one who especially wishes to avoid the “run of the mill” beers at Walt Disney World, this sounds awesome!   You can read all about it here, and all I can say is that it sucks that I don’t have an iPhone.  Seriously.  (Note to Carly: please play nice with the Apple folks so maybe they will finally smile down upon us this summer when the 5 comes out.)

Anyway, I can’t get the Beers and Ears iPhone app but I bet a lot of you can!  And guess what? It’s FREE!!

Beer lovers, go check it out!


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