Disneyland Resort Offers Ample Adult Distraction

Hearthstone Lounge Disney's Grand Californian

Hearthstone Lounge at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

When you think Disneyland, you likely don’t think alcohol.  If you do, you and I could be fast friends, but you may want to shuffle your priorities.  Disney, as an entity, is about family.  It’s about fun, and clean, wholesome togetherness.

The Disneyland Resort exemplifies the Company mission, naturally.  But that does not mean it is all strollers and silly hats out here. Contrary to popular understanding, you can get yourself a drink at Disneyland.

Well, to get a drink in Disneyland itself, you have to be among the blessed few who can get into Club 33.  Just outside and surrounding the park, though, the Disneyland Resort houses some thirty bars, restaurants and beer carts where you can procure an adult libation. And while the Company probably doesn’t want you to spend your entire vacation there, every spot is as well conceived and constructed as everything else that bears the Disney influence.

Through this column we shall explore all the various and glorious grownup Disneyland offerings. From venue to menu to specialty cocktail, we endeavor to bring you the best of the Disneyland Resort in the manner you have come to expect and appreciate on Drinking Disney.

With all due respect to Walt Disney, to all that come to these happy pages: cheers and welcome.

– Christopher Schmidt

Christopher Schmidt also writes at National Vodka Examiner


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