Pink on the Disney Dream: Mirrors on the Ceiling and Pink Champagne On Ice

The newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Dream, has a lot of opportunities to sample excellent alcoholic offerings.

The District is the ship’s adult-only area, which sports four different bars!  The first to cover is a champagne-themed lounge called Pink.

Pink Interior

In the film “Dumbo,” Dumbo the elephant and his mouse companion, Timothy, drink from a bucket spiked with champagne and have visions of dancing pink elephants set to a song “Pink Elephants On Parade.”   That’s the source of the theme for the Pink lounge, although it could just as easily have been Hotel California line I used for a title.

The lounge is designed to make you feel as though you are inside a champagne bottle, specifically one that has just been opened.  Your first clue is the backlit bubbles on the walls.

Pink Interior Bubbles

Behind the bar there is a lighting fixture that represents the bubbles rushing to the mouth of the bottle after the cork pops!

Pink Bar

And the chandeliers are the glasses toward which the bottles are rushing.

Pink Ceiling

As for the menu, Pink is a lovely place for adults to sip a little champagne and while some time away.  There is a full bar where you can also choose wine and spirits.  Plus several featured champagne cocktails – you can try the Legend, which combines champagne with cognac, sugar and bitters, or the Absolutely Fabulous, made with raspberry puree, Benedictine and champagne, among others.

Pink Cocktails

Taittinger has also created two champagnes exclusively for sale aboard the Disney Dream: a Brut featuring the ship on the label, dedicated to the Dream’s inaugural year, and Prestige Rose, the label of which is decorated with a pink elephant.

Pink Champagne Bottles

If you want to learn more about champagne or you just want to drink several types, consider the Champagne Tasting hosted at Pink.  If you’re aboard the Dream, you sign up for the tasting at Guest Services.  For $25 per person you get four glasses of different champagnes (one of which was the insanely popular Walt Disney World staple Rosa Regale, another was the Prestige Rose so you get a taste of that) plus a cocktail, and a fun lesson on champagne from one of the ship’s sommeliers.  (For the one I attended they did not provide chocolate or cheese, although you can bring your own M&M’s.)

Pink Tasting


– Catherine Vienna


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