Drinking Disney News

A couple of quick announcements today!

I am happy to share that we will be teaming up with Magic 24.7 starting next week to provide a Disney cocktail, as recreated by Bartender Kate,  for their “Pleasure Island” show which airs nightly at 11:00 p.m. PST.   If you’re not familiar with Magic 24.7,  you can check them out at www.magic247radio.com.

Also, two guest bloggers are coming to Drinking Disney which will enable us to expand our coverage to include the Disney Cruise Line and the Disneyland Resort!

Catherine Vienna is a world traveler, Disney fan, and veteran Disney cruiser, who will be providing information on the Disney Cruise Line.   I’ve known Catherine personally for several years and I am so happy she has offered to guest blog here on Drinking Disney.

Christopher Schmidt is a traveler, consumer, AP holder, and former Disneyland Resort bartender whose passion for each of these regularly finds its way into his writing and he’s kindly offered to do some guest blogging for us on the Disneyland Resort.  You can find more of Christopher’s writing on the National Vodka Examiner.

These additions may require us to mix up our blog format a bit, so a few changes may be coming.   But we’ll still be bringing you news, reviews, and information on all things Drinking Disney,  only more of it!


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