Drink Dessert First – ESPN Club

One place I don’t make it to often at Walt Disney World is the ESPN Club.    I admit it…I’m not a big sports fan.   I used to catch the occasional Mariners game when I lived in Seattle, but that’s about it.    Of course ESPN Club is a sports fan mecca, with tons of  televisions all showing different sporting events, and usually lots of people cheering or yelling at those televisions.    Even the promotional photo on the Walt Disney World website demonstrates that.  Those people look happy.  Their team was definitely winning.

Anyway, I don’t have any pictures of the drinks I am about to talk about, nor have I tried any of them.  But my friend and I talked about going there this weekend so I wanted to take a look at the dessert menu.

ESPN Dessert Menu

The Grape Crush and the Green Monster definitely look like something I could add to my “to-drink” list for the weekend, and I’ve heard some good things about the Washington Apple.  But the Kool-Aid, combining  Midori and cranberry juice with Amaretto, just sounds a little odd to me.   Also, the Red Card mixing Jagermeister with Peach Schnapps and cranberry juice?   Does that actually taste good?  Bartender Kate assures me it does, but I’m still a little cautious on that one.

So, interesting dessert drink menu, though not too dessert-like in my book.  If you’ve tried the Kool-Aid or the Red Card, would love to hear what you thought of them.   If we make it by the ESPN Club, I’ll update next week with what I got and my thoughts on it.


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