Happy Hour! Tennessee Honey

This week’s Happy Hour drink is a newer addition to the standard lounge menu called the Tennessee Honey.  I’m not normally a big whiskey drinker, but found this to be very much to my liking.

Tennessee Honey

Bartender Kate said this would be an easy one to make at home and gave me her version of the recipe.

You’ll want to use a typical “rocks” glass for this drink, start with ice, and add:

3 oz.  Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

1 teaspoon Agave Nectar

One typical lemon wedge worth of juice (squeeze)

Top with Sprite


One thing of note on the Agave Nectar.  At first I wasn’t sure if it would require a trip to a specialty or health food store.  But it turns out you can usually find it near the honey at your local grocer.  A lot easier than I would have guessed, which is great.

Please. Try this at home!


3 thoughts on “Happy Hour! Tennessee Honey

  1. Bartender Kate wants to get you f’d up! 3oz? That’s 3 shots. Made it as described and it was powerful stuff. Might cut down to 2 shots and make it more drinkable.

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