Five Money Saving Tips for Drinking Disney

Hole in the Wall

It’s an undeniable truth that drinking at Disney World is more expensive than it is most places.    But there are a few ways to save some money.

1.  Tables in Wonderland – I have posted about TIW  before, but it is worth another mention.   If you frequent the hotel lounges of Walt Disney World, or like to drink and dine at the table service restaurants, you might want to invest in this card.   It saves you 20 percent on all food and beverage purchases, including alcohol, at several Walt Disney World locations.   The cost is $75.00 for Annual Passholders and $100.00 for Florida Residents without an annual pass, and it is listed as being good for one year, but it actually ends up being more like 13 months.  To get an idea of how much you might save, I can tell you that over the six weekend trips I have taken since last July, my total savings above the cost of the card has been about $50.00.  My card doesn’t expire until August 31st, and I will be posting the final tally of my savings once it does.

Tables in Wonderland won’t be a money saver for everyone.  It really depends on the frequency of your trips and your drinking and dining habits while at Disney World.  But its pretty easy to figure out if it’s a cost effective option for you.

2. Happy Hour –  You won’t find this in the hotel lounges or restaurants in the parks, but if you end up at Downtown Disney during the late afternoon, head to Raglan Road, the Hole in the Wall Bar, or the House of Blues.  All three have happy hour specials.   House of Blues and Raglan Road also accept Tables in Wonderland so twenty percent off on top of the happy hour specials can really add up quickly. (The Hole in the Wall is technically a part of Raglan Road, but  I am unsure if they participate in Tables in Wonderland.)

3.  La Cava del Tequila – If  you like La Cava del Tequila, be sure to follow them on Twitter.  They have various special deals that they offer their Twitter follower ranging from #margaritamonday, where you can get the specialty margarita of the day on Monday for $10.00, to a shot of Silver Patron for $5.00, to free chips and salsa.   They often put up specialized fun deals too, like offering the participants from the Walt Disney World marathon a specialty margarita of their choice for $10.00 for showing their race completion medal.

4.  Skip the Souvenirs – Glow cubes and souvenir cups are fun, but how many of them do you really need?  (Personally, I need three glow cubes…one for each jack 0′ lantern we put out at Halloween.)  If you skip the glow cube or the souvenir cup, you can save $2.00  $3.00 a drink.  Example:  My $9.75 Welsh Dragon at the Rose and Crown Pub became a $6.75 one without the souvenir cup.   Best part was I didn’t have to carry a cup around all day.

(If you really want that souvenir cup or glow cube, by all means get it.  But just know that it’s o.k. to ask for one without and it will save you a few dollars.)

5.  Bring your own – No, not to the parks…that could get you in trouble.   But if you are driving, or taking a town car from the airport, why not stop and pick up your favorite bottle of wine for that glass before bedtime, or a six pack of your favorite beer for your room’s refrigerator?  For one thing, most hotel lounges close at 12:00 a.m. and you’re on vacation…you might want your last call to come a little later than that.   But especially at some of the less expensive hotels,  the beer and wine selection is quite limited.   If you’re looking for a good beer or wine to cap off your night, you’re better off bringing your own…and it’s a lot cheaper.

Do you have any money saving tips for drinking at Disney World?  We’d love to hear them.


*At this time, Tables in Wonderland is only open to annual passholders and Florida residents.


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