12 Drinks of Christmas – Final Thoughts

The 12 Drinks of Christmas are over.

For those keeping score, I managed to try twelve different drinks from eleven different locations.  There were nine specialty cocktails, two margaritas, and one  Gluhwein.   A couple drinks along the way I could have done without, but for the most part I enjoyed what I had chosen and some have even become new favorites.

Going in, I figured it would be mostly cocktails, but I thought I’d have at least one beer.   Somehow, not a single beer on the list though.   Not quite sure how that happened.  However, I plan to rectify that next month with a beer recommended by one of the folks at Intercot.   As it is, I am usually more inclined to try a new beer at Disney World than a new drink anyway.   (I love cocktails, but I do tend to experiment a little more with my beers while on vacation.)

Finally, here’s a “bonus” drink.   It’s a newer addition to the standard lounge menu called the Tennessee Honey.

Tennessee Honey

It was not mine, but rather the drink of my companion that evening.   I got to taste it though and I must say it was quite good.  Very smooth.   I think I’ll make this the next Happy Hour drink.

Will there be a 12 Drinks of Christmas for Christmas 2012?   Absolutely.

Or perhaps a 31 Drinks of Halloween.   The Food and Wine Festival ought to make that easy!

On second thought, I may need some help with that one…


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