12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 12


12th Drink of Christmas - Sun Kissed Cocktail

When I started the 12 Drinks of Christmas quest,  I pondered a few different places for drink 12.    Someplace I love but for a new cocktail.   A restaurant I hadn’t been to before so the whole experience would be new.    But honestly, there was really only one place a Christmas themed quest like this could logically end, and that was at Mizner’s Lounge at the Grand Floridian.   The beautifully decorated lobby is  “not to be missed” during the holidays, and the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra playing a mix of Christmas songs and Disney favorites is the perfect touch.   We were happy to find seats and settled in.

For the 12th and final Drink of Christmas, I chose one that has a name that suits Florida well – the Sun Kissed Cocktail (Bacardi Rum, TY KU Citrus liqueur, fresh mint, agave nectar, orange juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice topped with Sprite).

I like the name, but honestly this was probably was not the best choice for me.   I am not a big Mojito fan and this sort of tasted like an orange Mojito.  It also wasn’t very strong.    My drinking companion thought it was an odd combination, but he liked it alright.   I didn’t really hate it,  I just doubt I’ll order another.   I do think Mojito fans would probably like it.

It’s official.  The 12 Drinks of Christmas are done.  I’m a little sad about that, but I’ll have my final thoughts on the whole experience tomorrow.


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