12 Drinks of Christmas – Drink 11

Island Sunset

The 11th Drink of Christmas - Island Sunset

I always love looking at the Christmas decorations at the monorail hotels during the holidays.  Unfortunately, this year we felt a little rushed as it was our last night in Orlando.   Had we made it out the night prior as we had originally planned, we could have taken a little more time for each of our hotel and lounge visits.   I was also a little sad because had missed friends who had been out the night before.   But we still got the chance to go and the first stop was the Tambu Lounge for a drink and my favorite appetizer there,  the Crisp Breads and Dips.  (My drinking companion hit the sushi bar as well and said it was fantastic!)

Normally when I go to the Tambu,  I get a pina colada.   I know…you can get a pina colada pretty much anywhere on property that serves mixed drinks.   But they always taste so much better there.   This night, however, I needed to try something new.   I’ve already had the Lapu Lapu and I’ve tasted the Backscratcher so those were out.    Because the Welsh Dragon had been a melon liqueur drink and the Tropical Macaw is also a melon liqueur drink, I decided on the Island Sunset, which contains Seven Spiced Rum Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, melon and peach, combined with guava passion fruit juice. (Yes, I know.  Melon in there too…but I think it’s the fruit, not the liqueur.  But even if it is, I had to choose something!)

The first thing the server said to me when I asked for the Island Sunset was “you do know it’s a frozen drink, right?”   I did know that, and I think most people should be able to tell that from the picture of it on the menu,  so I puzzled as to why he would say that to me.   In hindsight, I began to wonder if it was to warn me it wasn’t going to be very strong.   It was mildly fruity and pretty tasty, like a good fruit smoothie, but there was no discernible alcohol and definitely not much of a kick.   My drinking companion agreed with that assessment.

I do love the Tambu and I know I’ll be back again soon, but I will probably stick with my pina coladas from here on out.

One more drink to go, and we got it at the last stop on our monorail crawl.


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